Looking to help and inspire philanthropists across the country, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation has created the "Build a Stronger America," which will give entreprenuers a virtual space to discuss their various ventures while also helping them voice their opinions regarding the current economic climate.

The campaign, which officially went "live" at the recent Inc. 500 conference in Washington, will help entrepreneurs and business owners to convene at a website (BuildaStrongerAmerica.com) to discuss their various ideas and the problems that some may face to get them off the ground.

Additionally, "Build a Stronger America" will also look to influence the current political discussions underway to try and mend the economy by creating a "united voice" for independent businessmen and women to add their input.

"Entrepreneurs are the key to our country’s economic recovery because they are creating the jobs and innovations that will bring us out of this decline and into sustainability and growth," said Carl Schramm, the Kaufmann Foundation’s president and CEO. "As a group, entrepreneurs are the silent heroes of our economy, and their success is heavily reliant on many factors outside of their direct control. The Kauffman Foundation is proud to give them a platform for the first time to share their stories and amplify their voice."

Chris Gardner, the CEO of Gardner Rich & Co. and co-author of the book that inspired the film The Pursuit of Happyness, threw his support behind the Kaufmann Foundation’s initiative, praising the opportunity that the it will give entrepreneurs to "come together to make their voices heard."

The "Build a Stronger America" initiative is one of many programs set in place by the Kaufmann Foundation to promote entrepreneurship-friendly government policies and promote new business’ use of the most current technology available. Among its other initiatives that promote similar ideals are FastTrac and the Urban Entrepreneur Partnership.


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