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We offer competitively priced bulletins and outdoor advertising to value-minded businesses. Some of our best locations are on the secondary highways north and south of Billings. Our product is positioned to provide maximum exposure while costing a fraction of what an I-90 billboard costs. We currently are serving the greater Billings area (Yellowstone, Carbon, Musselshell and Stillwater counties) and the surrounding areas of Red Lodge, northeast Montana and northern Wyoming.

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Atlanta, Ga. September 28, 2009 - The Ezell Brown Center for Entrepreneurship at Morris Brown College is pleased to announce the development of courses in Graphic Design and Web Applications for its Interactive Marketing Institute. The Institute garnered immediate interest and support from the student population and the surrounding Atlanta community since its inception and the next step in its growth is to offer courses in the digital disciplines that will help ensure the personal and professional development of IMI students.

The courses will be taught by Maurice Novembre, Marketlinkx Direct’s Director of Web Design and Applications,Mr. Novembre is a veteran industry professional and former instructor at the Savannah College of Art. His previous career history includes the position of Creative Director at Hill and Company in Oakland, CA, as well as Modeling and Technical experience at Industrial Light & Magic ( ILM ), a Lucasfilm, LTD company where he collaborated in the production of motion pictures such as ‘Incredible Hulk” and “Van Helsing.”

"It is immensely rewarding to have the opportunity to develop these courses for IMI students” said Director Novembre. "The courses will contain both practical applications and interactive sessions with the goal of engaging the students and preparing them for further studies in graphic design and web applications such as Dreamweaver and Flash“ he added.

“ The development of the digital application courses clearly portrays our ongoing commitment to make the Interactive Marketing Institute a model facility where students can increase their skills, while earning income and furthering their educational and career goals” explained Ezell Brown, Chairman of Marketlinkx Direct Inc. “We look forward to the launch of the program, and we know it will prove to be a major step in the success of the IMI. ” remarked Chairman Brown.

About Marketlinkx Direct Inc.
Marketlinkx Direct Inc. is among the top call center outsourcing companies in the world providing a variety of call center services centered on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), customer service, customer acquisition and retention. Headquartered in Coral Springs, FL, Marketlinkx Direct Inc. currently operates 18,000 sq ft of facilities in the area, housing 300 Education Advisors and Enrollment Counselors, as well as Project Directors and Campaign Managers. The Company also features a full-service marketing department with Online, Promotional, Event and Brand direct marketing capabilities as well as a complete production and post-production studio which creates and deploys TV and web commercials on behalf of clients and partners. In addition, Marketlinkx Direct Inc. currently employs hundreds of full-time employees and independent contractors in offices throughout the world, including, Ft. Lauderdale, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and others. For more information visit: www.mlxdirect.com
About Morris Brown College: Morris Brown College is one of America’s most prestigious Historically Black Colleges. Founded in 1881, and located at the highest point of Downtown Atlanta, the campus is ideally situated to fulfill the mission of serving its diverse community. Morris Brown College offers a uniquely supportive family environment to students desiring to to further their education and is staffed by a full-time faculty of 88% doctorates and a part-time faculty of 50% doctorates. For more information visit: www.morrisbrown.edu

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Joe Mazon
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creativity in education - Creativity is not unique to the arts. Creativity in education is equally important in mathematics, science, technology, in business - indeed in all areas of life. Neither is creativity simply about letting go, after all creative achievement relies on knowledge, control of materials and command of ideas.

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A business symposium will be held in Ohio this fall and the event will likely attract MBAs, entrepreneurs and other businessmen and women.

The Northeast Ohio Procurement Technical Assistance Center, the U.S. Small Business Administration and the Veteran's Business Council of Northern Ohio have come together and organized an event entitled Veterans in Business - Still Serving America. The conference will take place on November 10.

"Now in its seventh year, this conference has grown into one of the largest veteran business networking events in the country," said the event's spokesperson Rick DeChant. "Last year, we had 400 participants from a four-state area in attendance."

The event could be a good opportunity for younger businessmen and women to network with industry experts and for veterans to explore possible ways to expand their existing operations.

The business world can be a very exciting place to be, especially as an entrepreneur. You'll need knowledge of how startups launch if you want to be a business owner, so consider enrolling in an MBA program today. Once your company is off the ground, events like the one in Ohio could help you grow your business.

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An Entrepreneur Prepares to Pass the Torch

Posted by Mayuri Multimedia | 10:29 PM

First-time entrepreneur Michelle White created a company with big potential. The next step is to bring in an experienced management team and raise venture capital

It's a classic dilemma. A first-time entrepreneur creates a thriving company from scratch with the potential to be The Next Big Thing, but her investors thinks she needs an experienced CEO and management team to take it there. They also bet future investors will want to see seasoned leaders in place. To make this happen, the first step, traditionally, is to forge a succession plan that keeps the company's momentum going and doesn't disrupt the culture the founder labored to create. This is one big challenge facing Michelle White, the founder of Leland, Mich.-based Michelle's Miracle, which makes a dietary supplement from tart cherries. White thinks her $800,000, four-person company, with its 2,200-plus regular customers who enthuse about the cherry concentrate's health properties, relieving arthritis and providing better sleep, could quickly become a $100 million company (think POM Wonderful) if it landed the capital necessary to hire a dream team to complement her existing team.

White is the founder of one of the women-led companies participating in venture catalyst Springboard Enterprises' latest venture capital forum, AllThingsLifeSciences. The forum, which kicks off on Sept. 30 in Madison, Wisc., is part of a mentorship program designed to improve women entrepreneurs' chances of securing equity investment. The forum pairs early-stage entrepreneurs with teams of experienced coaches who help them prepare to pitch their companies to a crowd of equity investors. (Last year's forum was limited to women-led companies in the media industry; this year's focuses on the life sciences.)

BusinessWeek is tracking a few of the companies at various stages in the coaching process. Michelle's Miracle is the first in the series.

The entrepreneur: Michelle White, 44, is the founder and president of Michelle's Miracle. She stumbled onto the idea of building a business to commercialize the health properties of tart cherry concentrate while working at a fruit processing plant as an office assistant. After doing research about the health properties of the fruit, she launched the company in 2001. Three of her four employees have been with her since its inception. The team has managed to create a market, get national distribution, and now sells in over 300 stores. A year and a half ago, White decided to look for equity capital. She landed an investment from an angel group earlier this year and is preparing to secure another by yearend. She's also seeking venture capital.

Her challenge: White wants to put together an experienced management team of individuals who have been successful in the consumer packaged-goods industry. She wants to raise venture money to hire a controller/vice-president of operations, a CEO, a vice-president of marketing, a vice-president of sales, and more sales people. Her challenge is to communicate this succession and management expansion to potential investors.

Says Michelle: "We've proven the demand and the market, and we've proven revenues, now we just need people to take it by the horns and roll with it. I know what the potential of this company is, but I also know I don't have the experience to do it. So as far as letting go of that control—I'm O.K. with that. I want to see the success of the company and if that happens whether I took or someone else—it doesn't matter.

"When we started the capital raise, the biggest question was, are you willing to let go of control? I'm more than happy to do so because I just want to see the success of the company and do what I love to do. Being buried under spreadsheets is not something that excites me in the slightest.


Small Business Startup News

Posted by Mayuri Multimedia | 10:27 PM

Written by Resources for Entrepreneurs Staff

Published: 9/29/2009

To give entrepreneurs a voice in shaping the country's economic future, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation has launched the "Build a Stronger America" movement.

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, the world's largest foundation dedicated to entrepreneurship, has announced that the launch of its "Build a Stronger America" Movement, which seeks to unite, empower and inspire entrepreneurs across the country.

The movement seeks to give a voice to entrepreneurs, helping them influence the dialogue on the future of the country's economy, "so that entrepreneurs and their specific needs are at the forefront of the policy decision-making process," the Foundation announced.

The website, BuildaStrongerAmerica.com, will be a resource providing news for entrepreneurs, as well as a virtual forum for entrepreneurs to connect with each other and hear their stories.

"Entrepreneurs are the key to our country's economic recovery because they are creating the jobs and innovations that will bring us out of this decline and into sustainability and growth," said Carl Schramm, president and CEO of the Kauffman Foundation. "As a group, entrepreneurs are the silent heroes of our economy."

Earlier this month, the foundation released the results of a survey which found that two-thirds of entrepreneurs believe the economy is heading in the wrong direction, while 69 percent believe the recession will last at least one to two more years.

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We publish news articles for entrepreneurs five days a week. Our small business news articles review trends in small business, analyze the impact of new government policies, present relevant entrepreneurial research findings, and cover many other topics of interest to small business owners.


Looking to help and inspire philanthropists across the country, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation has created the "Build a Stronger America," which will give entreprenuers a virtual space to discuss their various ventures while also helping them voice their opinions regarding the current economic climate.

The campaign, which officially went "live" at the recent Inc. 500 conference in Washington, will help entrepreneurs and business owners to convene at a website (BuildaStrongerAmerica.com) to discuss their various ideas and the problems that some may face to get them off the ground.

Additionally, "Build a Stronger America" will also look to influence the current political discussions underway to try and mend the economy by creating a "united voice" for independent businessmen and women to add their input.

"Entrepreneurs are the key to our country’s economic recovery because they are creating the jobs and innovations that will bring us out of this decline and into sustainability and growth," said Carl Schramm, the Kaufmann Foundation’s president and CEO. "As a group, entrepreneurs are the silent heroes of our economy, and their success is heavily reliant on many factors outside of their direct control. The Kauffman Foundation is proud to give them a platform for the first time to share their stories and amplify their voice."

Chris Gardner, the CEO of Gardner Rich & Co. and co-author of the book that inspired the film The Pursuit of Happyness, threw his support behind the Kaufmann Foundation’s initiative, praising the opportunity that the it will give entrepreneurs to "come together to make their voices heard."

The "Build a Stronger America" initiative is one of many programs set in place by the Kaufmann Foundation to promote entrepreneurship-friendly government policies and promote new business’ use of the most current technology available. Among its other initiatives that promote similar ideals are FastTrac and the Urban Entrepreneur Partnership.